Sunday, October 19, 2014

Sharpening blurred images


This is a  trick to sharpen efficiency blurred images.
I am using Photoshop Cs5 but this can be use in any previous version.

1- After open the image, create 2 layers by doing Ctrl+j twice

2- Create a group a layer and slide both of the layers in the layer group

3- select the layer 1 and apply incrustration mode

4- Select the second layer and apply lumiere vive option

5-select the layer group and apply incrustration mode 

6- select layer  2 and invert mode or ctrl+I

 7- use surface blur

 see the results with some vibrance added:



Saturday, March 2, 2013

Some portraits from previous trip

Recently, i was browsing oldest  images collections from previous trip.
I found some pictures that worth to do some post-treatment on.
I am more than happy about the results.

The sun was just like a pink ball - the light was undescriptable.

2010                                                 2010